Quick Guide: How to Make your Personal Statement Stand Out


1) Your opening statement

I will say this time and time again DO NOT WRITE “Ever since I was a child” or any type of variation of the phrase. If I need to explain why, then you haven’t read enough Personal statements yourself.Try something original, it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, just something that doesn’t scream “I’m clever so that should be enough” Assessors like to see your personality and the first sentence is key. For example, I opened mine with a quirky story about myself and Eddy Goldfarb’s ‘Chattery Teeth”

2) Voluntary Work

Think: What you did, why it challenged you, what you learnt, why you are a better person because of it.

3) Transferable Skills

Make sure you link any voluntary /paid work or work experience with the skills you will need for the career.  For example having gained an understanding of empathic care provision you will be more equipped for dealing with the emotional and social demands of dentistry.

4) Evidence of manual dexterity

Playing an instrument, working in a lab, sewing, even video games all serve as good examples of how you are consciously trying to improve your manual dexterity.

 5) Do something different

Every uni expects you to reveal your recreational activities to show that you are human. I gave an example of something I did to relax (for me this was fishing) and then something I did that was slightly different; I sell various hand made products on Ebay.  I then linked this with my ambition to run a small practice of my own one day. To see an example of what I sell go to: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Personalised-Bath-Bombs-with-Hidden-Message-/162192875846?var=&hash=item25c372e146:m:mkprqVXCdYbMynLVZ_Zsovw

6) Use the phrase ‘Professional development’

Make sure you understand what this means and show evidence of how you are taking responsibility for your own CONTINUED professional development and your understanding of what is expected of you.





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